We live our everyday lives through technology, in bustling cities, surrounded by people and noise. Switzerland has some of the most serene and beautiful nature full of energy, and so we’ve picked the best (and most unique) experiences to bring a calming and restorative effect to body and soul.


Digital Detox Tour, Interlaken

Guests can take a new guided tour to the mountains surrounding Interlaken with the aim of disconnecting from technology. Each tour is tailored to individual requirements but will usually start with a hike from a hidden alp off the beaten path where there is no mobile phone signal. The tour then visits a farm where guests not only watch, but get involved in the farm work and are duly rewarded with a lunch of fresh bread and cheese. The hike continues, foraging for blueberries, mushrooms, herbs and spotting wild animals along the way. There will be the opportunity to stop for meditation or yoga and guests can see more of the traditional Alpine lifestyle at a hundred year old local sawmill. And if asked nicely, the guide will even bring their dog.

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Wald Baden 2019

Forest bathing, Baden

Forest Bathing – the act of mindfully spending time in the forest for health benefits – gained popularity in Japan in the 1980s. But in fact, the Swiss spa doctors in Baden near Zurich had noticed this practice as early as the start of the 19th century. So much so that they prescribed ‘Terrainkuren’ (walking cures) to visitors to their sanatoriums at the time. The ‘forest bathing’ guided walk takes guests on an unusual and inspiring encounter within Baden’s forest. On this walk through the forest, visitors discover just how soothing, vitalising – and yet also peaceful – the forest is for one’s well-being when experienced with the senses.

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