1. Switzerland is the only country with a ‘Plus’ in its flag?
2. The British actually invented Winter tourism in Switzerland in 1864?
3. The Matterhorn is the most photographed mountain in the world and is featured on the Toblerone packaging?
4. Switzerland has the most beautiful cows in the world, which are being dressed up in flower head gear every September?
5. Swiss inventions include:  The pencil, fondue, milk chocolate, optical and contact lenses, Swiss army knife, Nescafe, fonts such as Helvetica, Meridien and Universe and the computer mouse?
6. The Swiss consumes around 94,000 tonnes of chocolate, or 12.00 kg per person a year?
7. Switzerland is home of the Mountains – 51 peaks over 4000 meters?
8. One can cross the country and never be further than 10 miles from a lake?
9. Switzerland has won more Nobel prizes than any other country?
10. Switzerland has the best-integrated public transportation system in the world?
11. Switzerland has the highest per capita gold reserves in the world, followed by Lebanon and Germany?
12. The Swiss Alps account for about one half of the country?
13. Switzerland had the first hotel in Europe – The 5-star hotel ‘Drei Könnige (Three Kings)’ in Basel was established in 1026 – it has been renovated since!
14. Switzerland is home to the highest railway station in Europe – The Jungfraujoch?
15. The Jungfrau is a frequent setting for shooting of Bollywood movies!