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Switzerland Yodel – the perfect sales manual for travel professionals.

The Switzerland Yodel includes a wealth of information on the regions, mountain resorts and cities of Switzerland. Show your clients the pristine beauty of the Swiss Alps in summer or in winter, and the vibrant and cosmopolitan Swiss cities. Prove to them that in Switzerland they get excellent value for their Dollars, and present them plenty of reasons why they should return to Switzerland again and again.
Switzerland Yodel 2022/23
Suisse Yodel 2020/21

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Swiss Travel System manuals.

Booking Swiss trains, boats and buses is easy. Perfectly coordinated and working like a Swiss watch—a travel system to rely on! Trains, buses and boats allow you to get anywhere in the country.
STS Sales Manual 2022
Swiss Travel System Map 2022
Swiss Travel Pass Area of validity and benefits 2022

Virtuoso & Signature Factsheets.

Virtuoso Factsheet


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Signature Factsheet


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Other manuals.

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland 2020
Religious Switzerland Guide