Renowned for their fine hospitality, the Swiss have been looking after guests for centuries and know how to cater to every taste. You’ll find hotels recommended by Switzerland Tourism in different star categories in each of the following hotel groups. Discover here and below the hotels recommended by Switzerland Tourism.

Boutique & Design Hotels
Every Design & Lifestyle Hotel is unique: all the hotels focus on the aesthetics, interior design and service quality.

Swiss Bike Hotels
Whether you prefer street cycling, mountain biking or leisure riding, most hosts are themselves cycling enthusiasts and offer top-notch service.

Swiss Historic Hotels
Immerse yourself in history and the ambiance of times gone by – in a late baroque guesthouse or a Grand Hotel from the Belle Époque.

Typically Swiss Hotels
From chic modern hideaways in city centers to historic palace hotels on lakeshores. Each hotel offers an experience that is typically Swiss.

Spa & Vitality Hotels
Whether you are looking for a sensuous spa, mystic bathing temple or medicinal herb garden, Switzerland’s Spa & Vitality Hotels offer a bit of heaven on earth.

Swiss Deluxe Hotels
Timeless elegance, a natural grandeur and state-of-the-art comfort in a luxurious setting: the Swiss Deluxe Hotels have always formed the pinnacle of the hotel industry.

Swiss Family Hotels & Lodgings
From campsites and youth hostels to chalets and five-star hotels – all are geared towards families’ needs. Children can be children here, and parents can find time for themselves for a change.