Become a Switzerland Travel Expert.

The Travel Trade Community is very important to Switzerland Tourism. Therefore we have invested in an eLearning program which is easy, interactive and a lot of fun. It consists of „core modules“ and „specialization modules“ (e.g. Family, Lifestyle, Grand Tour of Switzerland, Swiss Travel System).

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Important: In order to remain eligible for leads to new clients and to get all the additional benefits, you have to take our short Expert program. It’s easy. It only takes 3 hours. You can do it on your computer, tablet or mobile.
Graduate before November 30th, 2022 to enter for a chance to win a flight voucher for two to Switzerland, sponsored by Swiss International Air Lines.

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Deviens un Expert du voyage sur la Suisse.

La communauté des professionnels du voyage est très importante pour le tourisme suisse. C’est pourquoi nous avons investi dans un programme d’apprentissage en ligne qui est facile, interactif et très amusant. Il se compose de “modules de base” et de “modules de spécialisation” (par exemple, Famille, Style de vie, Grand Tour de Suisse, Swiss Travel System).

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Important : Pour pouvoir continuer à bénéficier des opportunités de prospection de nouveaux clients et de tous les avantages supplémentaires, vous devez suivre notre court programme d’Expert. C’est très simple et cela ne prend que 3 heures. Vous pouvez le faire sur votre ordinateur, votre tablette ou votre téléphone portable.
Soyez diplômés avant le 30 novembre 2022 pour avoir une chance de gagner un bon de vol pour deux personnes direction la Suisse, sponsorisé par Swiss International Air Lines.

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez nous contacter à l’adresse

Program Benefits.

The Switzerland Travel Academy offers helpful benefits to our valued members to increase your knowledge on Switzerland.

Please find below the complete list:

  • Certification upon graduation
  • Rights to use the Switzerland Travel Expert logo for letters/brochures/website/email signature
  • Possibility of ordering brochures for free up to 20lbs
  • Receive exclusive invitations to our events

Terms and conditions.

As soon as you have completed the test you will be officially listed as a Certified Switzerland Travel Expert (see listing of Program Benefits above).

In order to register we require a valid IATA number and/or proof of a membership with one of the following organizations:, Virtuoso, Signature or similar.

Overnights Reporting:
The reporting of your overnights once a year, is very important to us to measure the success of the Specialist Programs. Once a year, in December, each member will receive a link to report its overnight in Switzerland. Switzerland Tourism reserves the right to disqualify Advisors and Specialists who haven’t complied for consecutive years.

August 2017 / Switzerland Tourism


Q 1: I am already a Switzerland Advisor/Specialist with the old Advisor Program (before 2017), do I have to take the new Switzerland Travel Expert program?
If you have taken the Advisor/Specialist Program before 2017, then we highly recommend you to take the new Expert program in order to remain a Switzerland Travel Expert. Every year we launch a News module, and we encourage you to take this module in order to keep updated about Switzerland.

Q 2: I’m a Switzerland Advisor/Specialist (before 2017), why should I take the Switzerland Travel Expert program?
The program is tons of fun, has little text and lots of quizzes & videos. In order to remain eligible for leads to new clients and receive one free Swiss Travel Pass, you have to take our short new Expert program. It’s easy and only takes 3 hours. You can do it on your computer, tablet or mobile.

Q 3: I am already a Switzerland Travel Expert (Switzerland Travel Academy). Why is there a NEW Swiss Travel System Excellence program and should I take these courses?

The Swiss Travel System Excellence program is a separate e-learning which is much more into detail of how Swiss Public transport works. Eg. What tickets and passes fit best with your clients itinerary? How to benefit from luggage services? The program is designed to update your knowledge year after year. It is structured in 3 courses Basics, Advanced and Expert, with a total of 24 modules. Each module takes on average 6 minutes. Switzerland Travel experts don’t need to click through a module-per-module path. You can start with any of the modules or also simply go to the test of each course. After successfully passing the test (minimum 80% correct anwers required) you will be certified as Swiss Travel System Excellence Expert.

Q 4: Am I eligible for fam trips to Switzerland?

Switzerland Tourism teams up with numerous selected tour operators and consortia. These selected tour operators and consortia choose the best selling travel advisors. It is mandatory for all travel advisors to take the Switzerland Travel Expert program before fam trips to Switzerland.

Q 5: What is the difference between the existing Advisor Program (before 2017) and the new Switzerland Travel Expert Program?
The new Travel Expert Program has core and specialization modules. It takes 3 hours to graduate and is tons of fun. Become a Switzerland Travel Expert and specialize. Recommend to your clients the top 10 experiences according to their interests e.g. food, outdoor, winter, family or lifestyle.

Q 6: Will the new Expert Switzerland Travel Expert program replace the old Advisor Program?

Yes, the old Advisor Program was taken offline on June 30, 2017. Therefore, we recommend taking our new Expert program.

Q 7: Are there two different certificates for both programs? How does that work?

Yes, you receive the certificates via email upon graduating. Specialize in the new program and your field of expertise will be listed on your certificate. E.g. Switzerland Travel Expert specialized in lifestyle.

Q 8: I’m a Switzerland Travel Expert, when should I take the “news” module?

In order to remain a Switzerland Travel Expert you need to enroll in the new program and pass the „news” module. We launch a news module about Switzerland every year.