“Swisstainable” — Switzerland Tourism’s brand new sustainability campaign
With the Swisstainable communication campaign, Switzerland Tourism creates awareness for our long-term sustainability strategy. With a guest-centered approach we bundle relevant information and offers as well as assist sustainable developments. In close collaboration with the industry, the goal is to create a holistic sustainable travel experience in Switzerland.

Sustainability in Swiss gastronomy

Switzerland is known for world-class cuisine and hospitality. However, many people don’t know that Switzerland is also a stronghold of nature-based gastronomy, where regionality and sustainability become part of the enjoyment. Here you can find everything from home-grown produce to the abandonment of sea fish – which brings nature to the plate in a sustainable way.
11 ways of climate-friendly travel in Switzerland

By public transport, you enjoy carefree travel across Switzerland – and it’s even climate friendly. SBB (the Swiss Federal Railway) is one of Europe’s most eco-friendly rail companies. The electricity for its trains is generated from hydropower, and this at the rate of 90%. There are many other examples
how to experience environmentally friendly traveling through Switzerland. Discover them here.
Dive into the loveliest lakes

Panning for gold in the Rhine, a walk along a lake shore or, for the very brave, river rafting in one of the numerous gorges. Summer in Switzerland offers so many opportunities to enjoy yourself, on, in and by the water. Getting wet is part of
the fun! Read more about Switzerland’s crystal clear lakes, rivers and gorges here.

Find more information on Swisstainable here.