1. Perfect Location.

Located in the heart of Europe with daily flights from many International cities to Zürich and Geneva and access to the European High-Speed rail network.

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2. Public Transportation.

Perfectly coordinated and working like a Swiss watch—a travel system to rely on! Trains, buses and boats allow you to get anywhere in the country.

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Swiss Travel System Sales Manual 2020

3. Nature & Adventure.

Discover unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery in the heart of the Alps, including the most attractive peaks and stunning vistas. Enjoy Switzerland, its mountains, lakes and rivers the active way, with all imaginable summer and winter sports.

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4. Cities & Shopping

Romantic alleyways, people in love with life, designer boutiques and modern architecture are all within easy walking distance. Swiss cities offer a wealth of museums, shopping and entertainment—convenient and authentic.

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5. Food & Wine.

Switzerland is not all Cheese & Chocolate; the different regions allow for a culinary journey, from haute cuisine to local specialties in all four corners of the country.

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6. Culture & Events.

Four official languages and four distinctive cultures in such a small country result in an experience unlike anywhere else. Impressive architecture from the times of the Romans, contemporary art and internationally renowned events will round up every trip.

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7. Hotels & Resorts.

Switzerland‘s legendary hospitality – from one star to five stars – can be enjoyed in beautifully renovated Belle Epoque Palaces to brand new properties with world-class spas built by renowned architects. Increasingly, guests discover vacation homes, B&Bs and guest houses as family-friendly
alternatives to hotel accommodations.

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