Swiss Route 1: Original Tour

The entire Grand Train Tour of Switzerland in one! On the “Original” tour, you are travelling on the panoramic trains to plenty of Swiss highlights and sights.

Duration: from 8 days / 7 nights


*the suggested starting and ending point for travellers from Geneva is Montreux.
**option to take the boat between Stein am Rhein and Schaffhausen

Ticket suggestion and reservations for independent planning:
The Swiss Travel Pass (Flex) 8 days covers all sections.

Additionally, a seat reservation supplement is required for:

  • Glacier Express
  • Bernina Express
  • Gotthard Panorama Express

Swiss Route 2: The Classic Tour

On this journey, each classic follows hot on the heels of the next. The “Classic” tour offers something of everything: picturesque towns, breathtaking train rides, thrilling mountain excursions.

Duration: from 7 days / 6 nights


Swiss Route 3: Top attractions tours

World-famous mountains as well as numerous top sights and landmarks wait to be explored here. Of course, the journey itself holds plenty of charm as well: enjoy unobstructed views of imposing glaciers, turquoise lakes and peacefully grazing cattle.

Duration: from 5 days / 4 nights


  • Day 1: Zürich/Genève*/Basel – Luzern, from 45 min
  • Day 2: Luzern – Interlaken (Luzern–Interlaken Express), 1 h 49 min
  • Day 3: Interlaken – Zweisimmen – Montreux (GoldenPass Panoramic), 3 h 5 min
  • Day 4: Montreux – Visp – Zermatt, 2 h 31 min
  • Day 5: Zermatt – Chur (part of Glacier Express) – Zürich/Genève*/Basel, from 7 h 31 min

Swiss Route 4: Glaciers and Palm trees tour

This tour delivers on its promises: First, imposing glaciers take turns with sparkling mountain lakes in front of the ceiling-high windows. Shortly afterwards, the train winds its way down to Italy, where you can continue to Lugano by bus. Palm trees, vineyards and mild temperatures dominate this stretch. Immerse yourself in a little “dolce vita” before tackling the historic Gotthard Line back towards Zurich the following day.

Duration: from 4 days / 3 nights


  • Day 1: Zürich/Genève/Basel– Chur – St. Moritz, from 3 h 21 min
  • Day 2: St. Moritz – Tirano – Lugano (Bernina Express), 6 h 46 min
  • Day 3: Lugano – Flüelen – Luzern (Gotthard Panorama Express) – Zürich, 5 h 30 min
  • Day 4: Luzern – Zürich/Genève/Basel, from 45 min

Swiss Route 5: Stunning waters tour

From small to large, from deep blue to sparkling turquoise, from straight to winding: Every body of water can be marvelled at from the train – including, of course, Europe’s largest waterfall: the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen. Those who like to enjoy the water from up close, complement this unique route with a comfortable (river) boat cruise.

Duration: from 3 days / 2 nights


  • Day 1: Zürich/Genève/Basel – Luzern, from 45 min
  • Day 2: Luzern – St. Gallen (Voralpen-Express), 2 h 17 min
  • Day 3: St. Gallen – (Stein am Rhein* –) Schaffhausen – Zürich/Genève/Basel, from 2 h 34 min

*Option to take the boat between Stein am Rhein and Schaffhausen

Swiss Route 6: Hidden Treasures tour

Three days of urban charm, rolling countryside, and Mediterranean grotto! This route builds bridges between cultures: From the urban centre of Zurich, the “Hidden Treasures” tour leads over the picturesque, lesser-known Lötschberg Line down to “Bella Italia”. The journey comfortably continues from Domodossola through the Centovalli, the “100 valleys”, and then along the historic Gotthard Line back to the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Duration: from 3 days / 2 nights