You need a story – you need Switzerland.

Are you looking for story angles and ideas? Here a few inspirational stories about people, experiences and emotions. For more details and images, please get in touch with us.

Million Stars Hotels.

The most exciting hotel you’ll find this summer! In around 50 entirely exclusive “hotel rooms” all over Switzerland, guests experience nature in its purest form with unobstructed view of the starry night sky.  A rooftop bubble in the city, a cube on a mountain top at 2800 metres above sea level or a bed under the apple tree. This is definitely something out of the ordinary

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City stories.

City breaks are a brief escape from everyday life – and our Swiss Boutique Towns are perfect for the occasion. Swiss towns and cities offer a wealth of unparalleled variety in a very compact space. It becomes an unforgettable experience for visitors if they can see the town through a local’s eyes.

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Winter stories.

These stories tell about fascinating encounters with local hosts, turning personal experiences into unforgettable memories. Be inspired and discover the versatility of Swiss snow sports.

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Summer stories.

In Switzerland you’re spoiled for choice in summer: immerse yourself in the history of the Habsburgs or – perhaps a more refreshing option – take a dive into Lake Biel from St Peter’s Island. Or perhaps you’d prefer to explore the mountain environment from the comfort of a panorama train or try something more active like hiking or trail running? How about discovering the secrets of a mountain lake with a microbiologist or finding out the story behind the fighting Hérens cows? Thirteen invitations to write your own personal history this summer.

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Public transportation stories.

Travelling the Swiss way! Get inspired by stories about the Swiss public transportation system and explore they way locals travel.

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